Cold room aftercare

Are you facing a cold room breakdown? Do you need some advice and guidance about cold room aftercare? Contact the team of experts from Ice House Rentals. We serve customers throughout the UK.

Some things to remember during operation

  • Keep the door closed when the cold room is not being loaded / unloaded to help maintain the temperature
  • Do not place hot food in the cold room to chill. Allow food to cool naturally first, or preferably use a specialist blast chiller (available for hire)
  • Ensure adequate ventilation is provided to allow the heat produced from fridge motor to escape
  • Do not overload internally. Good airflow within the cold room is required for optimum function
  • Do not remove the plastic strip curtains if fitted

If equipment appears to be working incorrectly please check:


  • The door has not been left open or ajar
  • There is power to the fridge motor
  • Temperature setting has not been altered

Generator use:
Due to the start-up amps of the fridge motor, should you wish to operate one of our units from a generator it must be 5kW/ 5.5kW per fridge motor.

Cold room breakdown

All of our equipment is serviced and PAT tested by our in-house team.

However, refrigeration can fail without prior notice. In the event that you believe one of our units has failed or is simply not working properly, please call us on 07825 240 623.

If you are not able to reach us, please leave a message on the answer system or send a text. Your call will be returned promptly.

For cold room hire across the UK, we’ve got you covered. Call Ice House Rentals on 020 8545 6000

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