Top quality cold storage throughout the UK

Ice House Rentals gives you cold rooms for short-term and long-term hire. We give you full support for all of our units whilst on hire. Contact our team in Hampshire to hire a cold storage facility.

We serve customers throughout the UK. Read the cold room specifications given below to help you choose your product.

Features of cold storage

  • Internal or external use
  • Can be built on uneven ground i.e fields, gravel car parks, track ways, etc.
  • Single phase electricity
  • Chill or freeze capability from the same chiller unit
  • Internal lighting
  • Lockable without the use of padlocks (padlocks have the potential to trap personnel inside)
  • Beer python cut outs
  • Shelving/ racking
  • Plastic strip curtains (essential for good EHO practice/ HACCP)
  • Ramp on request
  • Solid and Sturdy stainless steel floors to enable pallets to be moved internally with pallet truck
  • Double doors available to enable whole pallet access
  • Two door configurations
  • Backup maintenance cover
  • Electrical leads (deposit payable)

Size availability

All rooms are 2.1 metres tall.

1.8m = 6 feet
2.4m = 8 feet
3.6m = 12 feet
4.8m = 16 feet
6.0m = 20 feet

Want to learn more about our cold rooms?
When planning available space, please allow at least 1 metre for the door to swing open. Also for the larger rooms, additional fridge motors are required.

We have in excess of 215 walk in cold rooms in our hire fleet. No job is too big, too small, too far or too complicated. Our job is to find a solution for your temporary walk in cold room needs. We welcome the opportunity to quote for your requirement.


The price you pay for your cold room depends on the:
Size of the room
Number of room/s
Length of time you require it

For further information please email:

We offer top quality cold storage throughout the UK. Contact Ice House Rentals on 020 8545 6000

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